Saturday, November 08, 2008

It has become news as the UK online bingo operators bragged in the rise in the number of bingo players in the UK bingo websites. The operators are very happy for the fact that the daily player numbers are increased by 19% since Sep 2007. This increase in the numbers is good news for the online bingo industry and in turn it is helping the online bingo industry to grow to the fastest growing sectors in the online gaming world. It has been shown in the recent study for the capital of Whales that the online bingo websites have become popular mainly among the young women. The survey was conducted among the women aged between 18 to 35 yrs who prefer online bingo to gym.

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As per a website, if women are given the option to select among online bingo and shopping, 19% of them would prefer to play bingo at the comfort of their home than to shopping and spending their money. Bingo Association revealed the truth that bingo is transforming drastically and is attracting more and younger crowd and another study reported that around 51,000 women under 35 yrs of age are playing bingo online. So this proves that the bingo game is not only accepted by the old grannies but also making its presence felt in the younger groups in the whole United Kingdom and Europe.

Sunday, April 27, 2008

Traditional Bingo touched many a million hearts world over. It is a favorite past time for friends, family and a great occasion to meet new people.
How about Online Bingo, do people consider it as a blessing in disguise or a boring technique which glues them to the computer every now and then?

Online Bingo is extremely popular

Bingo lovers say it's an evolution in the Bingo generation. Playing Bingo online certainly has its own unique advantages. It changes your lifestyle a bit but you will love every moment you play Bingo on the net.

Many studies conducted by Bingo experts reveal that people love Online Bingo for its vast choice of players who are spread across the world. You get a chance to meet new people. And there is enough privacy to enjoy your conversations